Reaching across generations - creative and innovative.

This is not only our motto but also our corporate philosophy at PME, the pump and model GmbH of Erfurt.. Since 2012, our company is completely in family hands and continues to build on within the family on the junior management levels. Unlike the saying "When the Father with the Son", check in on our company's profile, where the Executive Director is Waltraud Utterodt who, with her son Marco Utterodt, manage the business successfully.

Innovative solutions with sustainability define the belief of our company. This is true as much as the traditional pump manufacturing is concerned as well as in terms of advanced mineral casting; accurate modeling as well as in terms of service-oriented contractual manufacturing. No matter how big or small your job is asked of us, you will truly benefit from our years of experience and the resulting PME expertise.

Always bearing in mind, carrying the responsibility for the quality of our products, from the first until the last step of our PME  we trust in the principle of a high level of quality and expertise. This demand on ourselves and on our products is the foundation of our success. Thus PME products can not only be found on board the most powerful ocean liners, ultra-modern biogas plants and advanced operating tables again, but also in castings for the reduction of CO2 emissions in coal-fired plants.