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In the beginning there is always an idea. Implementing this idea, presenting them graphically to show meaningful additions or alternatives consistent continuations, is the first step of our PME principle. We take care of your project and take this step, as well as all the following, from this point onward together with you.

Continuation of an idea, logical as well as analytical is by its first construction. We will take on complete construction services as well as project planning and project management. Our constructions feature a three-fold of quality which is: technical competence, cost-effectiveness and above all flexibility in time.

The PME principle is mainly based on high standards in quality. An idea takes on shape in the third dimension by combining our advanced procedure techniques with traditional craftsmanship of the highest quality. From the drawing board, we breathe  life into your projects. This applies to all methods whether in working with steel, brass, aluminum, plastic and wood.

The PME-material management consists of the purchase as well as the market and environmentally sound disposal of the materials needed for our customers as well as in terms of our workshops. In addition, included is the PME material logistics, vendor identification and inventory management of raw materials and semi-finished and finished products in accordance with customer-related project management.

Challenging materials require sophisticated processing. PME ensures efficient and accurate processing of high-tech machinery and a broad-based machines. In terms of the standards as nut-pulling, grinding and balancing, we offer our customers the ULTRASONIC 125 FD duoBLOCK ®. The combination of high-tech as well as stable dynamic 5-axis milling and turning with innovative ULTRASONIC technology ensures accurate processing of our materials.

In addition to our high quality and processing standards, the PME principle also includes, our exquisite service philosophy. At your request, we will assist you from the initial idea all the way to the final assembly of PME products. We ensure that your productions are properly installed and that you will be instructed professionally on them.

Quality and precision are very important to PME - needless to say. But we go one step further and say, "Trust is good! Yet quality control is even better! ". In order to fulfill our vision of exquisite quality in service, material processing and project management needs, we work strictly according to the guidelines of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. Ultimately for us, there is only one equation: 100% quality makes a 100% customer satisfaction.